Utah sheriff under investigation for sexual rituals

Utah Prosecutor Calls for Sheriff's Office to Investigate Allegations of Cannibalism and 'Sexual Rites'


R, Gelfenstein — Utah County District Attorney David Leavitt has called for an investigation into Sheriff Mike Smith after police accused him of "cannibalizing young children" and engaging in "sexual rituals."

The Utah County prosecutor was investigating allegations that had been circulating for decades about an illegal sex trafficking ring involving 15 people, first made by one Nicholas Rossi in an online post Wednesday.

The Utah County Sheriff's Office said it was investigating a case of "ritual sexual abuse of minors and sex trafficking," but did not specifically name Leavitt or anyone else.

Leavitt and his wife were charged with cannibalism and murder of minors. He claimed Rossi was seeking revenge when he sued him for rape.

He added that the charges were also a political decision, as the Utah County prosecutor's career was scheduled for next week.

"And I encourage Mike Smith to say, if he can, that this is not being done for his political purposes, for the political purposes of those who are trying to remove me from office. Resign," he said. Leavitt.

Local reports said that when Smith was asked if Leavitt was under investigation, the sheriff responded by saying, "We're not talking about who is under investigation."

Utah's police chief also said investigators had asked potential victims to come forward. He added that the investigation began a year ago when someone reported the crimes to the police.

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