Shock caused by a motorized bomb explosion in Colombia

Motor bomb explodes in Colombia while trying to deactivate it VIDEO


R. Gelfenstein - "MotoBomba" exploded on Thursday near the Suarez police station in the department of Cauca. Subintendent Yorman Cortés Acosta approached the device to try to deactivate it, he was injured by the explosion. One of his hands and legs was compromised in the terrorist act.

In another video uploaded to social networks, we observed that the uniformed man is evacuated from the place of the explosion in a van destined, apparently, to a health center.

This explosion, like the one registered this Wednesday in Corinto, occurs a few days after the death of alias Mayimbú, former leader of the dissident Jaime Martínez of the FARC and the Western Organizing Command, whose authorities deduce that all these terrorist acts are the product of reprisals by these armed groups for this coup.


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