Rodolfo Hernández asks for respect for the kidnapping of his daughter

Candidate Rodolfo Hernández asks for respect for the pain of others for kidnapping his daughter


R. Gelfenstein - The presidential candidate of Colombia, Rodolfo Hernández, called on Friday to respect "the pain of others" and not to take advantage of "personal tragedies," after several complaints about the situation of his daughter allegedly kidnapped by the ELN.

Hernández Oliveros disappeared in 2004 in Ocaña, Norte de Santander and Hernández repeatedly denounced that the National Liberation Army (ELN) had kidnapped her and that they had been looking for her for 18 years until last year, they stopped doing so because they left her for dead.

In a statement sent this Friday and signed by the candidate and his wife, Socorro Oliveros, he explained that "as a family we were still waiting for news of our daughter, but since the evidence was indisputable, the respective processes for alleged death by disappearance had been initiated, of exclusive competence of the judge of the republic."

Until this court decides, according to the candidate, the marital status of the disappeared does not change, "so her citizenship card is still active and the assets that belong to her remain in her name," she said. He asked for respect and that "they do not take advantage of personal tragedies to try to discredit us with fake news."

The ELN, for its part, issued a statement Thursday saying it has no record on the kidnapping of Hernandez's adopted daughter.

The guerrillas claimed to have carried out "investigations" and that none of their "structures in the region are directly or indirectly responsible for this, it is not true that they disappeared or died at the hands of the ELN."

"We never contacted Rodolfo Hernandez to ask for money for his release because he was not with us, nor did we have any information about it," added the guerrillas, who speculated that perhaps "a gang" asked the family for money for his release. . . . "Using the name of the ELN."

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