Poland prepares for war

Poland's President Prepares for Possible War


R. Gelfenstein - The geographical location of the country, on the border with Ukraine, made Poland live in a pre-war state. In addition, since the beginning of the conflict, more than three million Ukrainians have crossed the border and fled to the neighboring country.

During the more than three months of the war, the Polish government supplied Ukraine with all kinds of weapons. And now, in the Prime Minister's own words, he wants to step forward and prepare for war if it spreads.

"If Russia decides to attack Poland, the Kremlin must know that there are 40 million Poles ready to take up arms and defend their homeland," said Mateusz Morawiecki, head of the Polish government.

The Polish prime minister announced the construction of 314 new firing ranges across the country, bringing their number to 2500. The government's intention is for all citizens to be familiar with the use of revolvers and rifles.

"We must reiterate the message that access to arms serves to strengthen us as a country. As the Latin saying goes, if you want peace, prepare for war," Morawiecki said.

Poland's position in the war is much tougher than that of other European countries, such as Germany or France, which do not exclude the path of dialogue with Putin. In this sense, the president of the country, Andrejz Duda, was categorical a few days ago: "Do you call Putin? Nobody called Hitler in World War II," he said.

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