Neymar could leave PSG because of Mbappé

It's time to get rid of the player Neymar, at PSG he is in the shadow of Mbappe and Messi, Tite praises Vinicius Jr.


R. Gelfenstein - Neymar's future remains uncertain, although he is now more likely to leave PSG than to stay at the French club, with the latest reports indicating that Mbappe himself is pressuring the club's management to continue.

The PSG champions, who still have his future up in the air, have already said that the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be his last because, in his own words, he does not know if he will have the mental strength to continue.

On the other hand, Vinicius Jr. has shown great improvements in recent years. He arrived with a remarkable talent, but with a remarkable blur, which changed and Tite warned him.

"We were in training and I told Vini 'you are the Neymar of 2014, because the Neymar of Barcelona and the national team at that time was a Neymar at the end, today he is in the middle'," Tite explained in reference. to the positions on the field of the two players.

As Vinicius becomes one of Real Madrid's best players, PSG are desperate to get rid of Neymar, and even the French club is reportedly ready to loan him out and pay 100% of his salary while he's away.

Faced with such an offer, big European clubs such as Chelsea and Juventus are interested in strengthening themselves, as the Brazilian continues to build a team to compete at the highest level in international tournaments.

In this sense, the Brazilian has become a very intermittent player and, according to Mbappé himself, he is the most disorderly in training and does not take his work moments seriously.

"Mbappe called for changes in the organization... Regarding Neymar, the Frenchman highlighted the negative side of what everyone already knew: his systematic indiscipline in his training and recovery routines. Last Christmas: 'No player should be above the shield.'" published the Spanish newspaper El País.

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