New soccer tournament in the United States with the best in Europe

UEFA aims to organize a tournament in the United States before the Champions League with the best in Europe


R. Gelfenstein - In 2024, the United States will be able to host a new soccer tournament that will be played by the four best clubs in Europe.

The idea is being studied by the European Union of Football Associations (UEFA) and is thought to be a preview of the Champions League.

This tournament will be played in August and will have a Final Four-style format. That is, the semifinals, the final and a match for the third and fourth place would be played.

Among the options UEFA is also studying, the Confederations League champion could play for a title similar to the Super Cup.

What is already confirmed is that by 2024, the date on which this tournament should be held in the United States, the new format of the Champions League, composed of 36 teams, will already be active.

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