The sixth Russian millionaire died

A sixth Russian millionaire has died in suspicious circumstances after a couple of shamans treated a hangover with frog poison.


R. Gelfenstein, Another Russian tycoon has been found dead under mysterious circumstances, after allegedly consulting a shaman to treat his hangover with poison frog.

The official story, reported by the Russian police, says that Subbotin, the owner of a profitable shipping company, went to visit the shamanic couple Magua Flores (real name Alexey Pindyurin) and Tina Cordoba (Kristina Teikhrib).

But soon after he had a heart attack and was given a valerian-based tranquilizer.

The next morning, the two shamans found his body. They told state investigators that Subbotin was a friend and denied subjecting him to shamanic rituals in exchange for money.

He is said to have turned to the controversial Russian couple, who enjoy summoning spirits, sacrificing animals and bathing in blood, to cure a hangover.

It is the latest in a series of deaths of Russian oil tycoons since the beginning of the year following the invasion of Ukraine in February.

Several critics of Putin's regime have argued that the killings are assassinations, as they assume the Russian president is eliminating those around him following the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.

Subbotin, who was reported on Russian television as a billionaire, was a member of Lukoil's board before becoming owner of New Transport Company on the shores of the Gulf of Finland.

As of 2020, the company was run by his older brother Valery, who also holds a management position at Lukoil.

The death comes after Vladislav Avayev, 51, a wealthy former Kremlin official, allegedly took his own life after killing his wife and 13-year-old daughter.

It had high-level ties to Russia's main financial institution, Gazprombank.

Days later, billionaire Sergey Protosenya, 55, was found hanged in Spain after he apparently killed his wife Natalia, 53, and their teenage daughter Maria with an axe.

He was vice president of Novatek, a company also closely linked to the Kremlin.

The leading cause of death is cardiac arrest.

In March, the bodies of Russian billionaire Vasily Melnikov, his wife and two children were discovered in their luxury apartment in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, 400 kilometers east of Moscow.

All died from stab wounds, according to Russian newspaper Kommersant.

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