Economic problems after the renewal of Mbappé

Paris Saint-Germain denounced for not respecting Fair Play after Mbappé's renewal

R. Gelfenstein, Luigi De Siervo has called on UEFA to put financial fair play in order. Will PSG end up this year with 650 million euros of salary, with 300 million losses and will continue to make a millionaire offer to Mbappé?

The renewal of Kylian Mbappé with Paris Saint-Germain has unleashed a wave of criticism against the player and the Parisian team. Now that he was in Italy, when Serie A had nothing to do with the Mbappé-PSG-Real Madrid affair, the general director of Italian football, Luigi De Siervo, gave his opinion on the matter.


"What happened in Paris with Mbappe's new contract is not good, it is absolute evil. We have to be aware of that," said the director of the series, who expressed concern about the millionaire contract.

For Luigi, this highly monetized practice is a danger for state clubs in European football, as football can be unsustainable by contracts like PSG's to Mbappe.

"If there are clubs in football that continue to pay such huge sums, the system will always be unsustainable, guided by the logic of who has the most money, especially for state-owned clubs and not individual entrepreneurs," he added.

It should be noted that LaLiga has announced that it will sue Paris Saint-Germain for breach of Financial Fair Play following Mbappe's renewal. 

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