Conspiracy theories about the Texas shooting

Police took too long to enter Texas school as shooter continued to kill, victim's father alleges, new conspiracy theories emerge


R. Gelfenstein, Hours after Tuesday's school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, netizens shared claims about the man identified as the killer and his possible motives.

Unsubstantiated claims that the killer was an immigrant living illegally in the United States or a transgender person quickly surfaced on Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms. They were accompanied by famous conspiracy theories that suggested that the entire acquisition had been organized in some way.

"It's a tactic that has two purposes: it prevents real conversations about the issue (gun violence) and it gives people who don't want to face reality a scapegoat, it gives them someone to blame," said Longoria, director of research. to Disinfo Defense League, a non-profit group that fights racist disinformation.

"He was an illegal alien wanted for murder in El Salvador," reads a tweet with hundreds of retweets and likes. "There is blood on Biden's hands and this should never have happened."

Other social media users used photos of innocent internet users to misidentify them as the abuser and claim he was transgender. On the 4Chan forum, users shared the photo and commented on a plan to portray the perpetrator as transgender, without any evidence.

None of this was true. In fact, the photo showed a 22-year-old trans woman named Sabrina who lives in New York. Sabrina, who requested that her last name not be published for her privacy, confirmed to the Associated Press that her photo was hers and said it was not linked to the alleged YouTube account. .

A witness who lived across the street from the elementary school said bystanders and parents begged police outside the school to do something as gunfire rang out inside the building.

"Go ahead! Go ahead!" shouted women alongside police officers who didn't enter, said Juan Carranza, 24.

In some cases, misinformation about mass shootings or other events is spread by well-meaning users trying to help; in other cases, they may be scammers trying to organize fraudulent fundraising campaigns or draw attention to your website or organization.

Salvador Ramos barricaded himself inside a classroom before opening fire on students and teachers.

Now, the father of one of the dead children blames the officers at the scene for not acting earlier to arrest the killer.

Jacinto Cazares ran to Robb Elementary School when he learned of the shooting and arrived while police were still gathered outside.

As he anxiously watched officers outside his daughter's school, he suggested they enter the school building with other civilian bystanders.

"We rushed because the police are not doing what they should," he told other onlookers. "We could have done more."

“Había al menos 40 policías armados hasta los dientes, pero no hicieron nada (hasta que fue) demasiado tarde”, dijo Cazares, padre de la víctima, Jackie Jaylen Cazares, de 10 años, a ABC News.

‎Rolando Reyes said his grandson has lived with him and his wife since he had a heated argument with his mother. The young man slept on a mattress on the floor of one of the building's bedrooms,‎‎according to ABC News.‎

‎Before committing the massacre at the school, Ramos shot his grandmother in the head at home and stole her car, taking her to the schoolyard. The 66-year-old woman was later taken to the hospital where she remains hospitalized.‎

‎Reyes insisted he had no idea his nephew, who had just turned 18, had bought two AR-15 rifles from an armory and denied them. There was something unusual about the young man's compartment that might have revealed his sinister intentions.‎

‎"I didn't know I had guns. If I had known, I would have denounced it," Reyes said.‎

‎"The situation could have ended quickly if they had had better tactical training, and we as a community have seen that firsthand," he told ABC News.‎

‎He also said young people like ‎‎the 18-year-old‎‎ who killed his daughter shouldn't be able to buy a gun.‎

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