China warns US not to support Taiwan

China's warnings to US 'play with fire' by militarily supporting Taiwan

R. Gelfenstein, the United States is "playing with fire," the Chinese government warned, after President Joe Biden promised to defend Taiwan if China tries to take it by force, the Chinese state news agency reported. Xinhua.

The outlet also said Zhu "called on the United States to stop making statements or actions" that violate the principles established between the two countries.


"The latest actions taken by the United States in Taiwan go against the one-China principle and increase tension in the Taiwan Strait. This is no different than playing with fire and is very dangerous," said Zhu Fenglian, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry. Affairs. Strange. Taiwan State Council or known as Chinese Cabinet.

On the other hand, two Chinese bombers joined two Russian bombers in the Sea of Japan and made a joint flight to the East China Sea.

"After that, a total of four aircraft, two (new) suspected Chinese bombers and two Russian bombers made a joint flight from the East China Sea to the Pacific Ocean," Kishi told reporters.

Kishi also noted that a Russian IL-20 intelligence plane flew from northern Hokkaido to the Noto Peninsula on Tuesday and called the maneuvers "provocative" in light of the Tokyo summit.

For its part, the Chinese government confirmed the flights in a terse statement, saying they were part of the "annual plan for military cooperation" between China and Russia.

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