Buffalo shooting author Payton Gendron

The perpetrator of the Buffalo massacre intended to carry out another attack on African Americans


R. Gelfenstein, La diatriba de 180 páginas atribuida a Payton Gendron publicado en Internet justo antes de que presuntamente disparara en un supermercado de Buffalo, Nueva York, matando a 10 personas, muestra con escalofriante detalle la meticulosa planificación de la masacre investigada por las autoridades como un delito de odio 

He allegedly narrates how he had become radicalized to read internet forums, while describing the attack as terrorism and himself as a white supremacist.

In the statement. Gendron wrote that he had moved more politically to the right in the last 3 years. The text also notes that Gendron was going to live stream a video of the attack on the online platform Twitch.

Twitch said in a statement to CNN that the video was removed less than 2 minutes after the violence began. The alleged attacker referred in his writing to the racist theory of replacement.

According to extremism experts, this conspiracy theory falsely argues that whites are being replaced by immigrants and people of color, which has motivated other violent attacks. Some forms of this theory have recently become widespread in some media outlets, such as Fox News and among conservative politicians in the United States.

"The replacement theory is fundamentally about violence, there is no other way to look at it. What it says is that the particular target male participation in society is being challenged. In this case, the attacker believed it was for blacks, the more blacks there are, the fewer whites, as he can be. Violence is justified as a way to protect your share of the pie."

According to the brief. Gendron says he was inspired by the massacre at two mosques in New Zealand in 2019, as well as other attacks such as the killing of 9 black people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015, and the assailant, who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011.

La diatriba incluye docenas de páginas de insultos racistas y antisemitas, incluido un lenguaje que parece copiado de la declaración del Tirador de Nueva Zelandia,

 Michael Roa, CNN Atlanta.

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