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Influencer records himself doing a challenge and dies

Influencer dies after livestream how he drank bottles of liquor Chinese Baijiu An influencer died shortly after livestreaming s...

Rafael Nadal withdraws from Roland-Garros and talks about ending his career

Rafael Nadal retires from Roland-Garros and announces his last season in the tennis Nadal announced Thursday that he will mis...

They suspect that the act that killed 8 immigrants with a car was intentional

The driver who killed eight migrants, mostly Venezuelans, is Mexican Full of tattoos all over the body, with bruises and s...

Why was Camila crowned? Will she be called the "queen"?

Is the coronation of Camilla Rosemary correct, is she the new queen? On Saturday, Camilla became the twenty-ninth queen conso...

Lionel Messi apologizes to PSG for his trip to Saudi Arabia

Messi's trip to Saudi Arabia for possible business or tourism earned him two weeks of PSG sanction Argentine star Lionel ...

Ivan Rodríguez Gelfenstein felicita a Sonny Leon por su victoria en el Derby de Kentucky

Emoción y sorpresa, Iván Rodríguez Gelfenstein felicita al venezolano Sonny León y su caballo Rich Strike por su inesperada victoria en...

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