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James Cameron confirms that Avatar 2 is profitable and gives the 'green light' for more sequels

It is confirmed that the sequels of Avatar will satisfy the profitability of the saga with "The Way Of Water" The goal has be...

Russia shoots down unidentified object

Russian Air Force claims to have shot down a UFO near the Sea of Azov The Russian army has been the protagonist of one of the most discus...

Amir Nasr-Azadani sentenced to death in Iran for defending women's rights

Football world unites to stop Amir's Nasr-Azadani death sentence  in Iran Iranian professional footballer Amir Nasr Azadani has been...

FBI offers reward for information on kidnapping of 40-year-old man in Florida

Reward for information on the disappearance of Maribel Oquendo-Carrero in Florida 40 years ago On December 6, 1982, Maribel Oquendo-Ca...

Cristiano Ronaldo trains at Real Madrid

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo training at Real Madrid? Cristiano Ronaldo's year 2022 has been quite disappointing as he has not done a lo...

Dozens of homosexual priests denounce the homophobia of the Church in an open letter

A large number of openly gay Italian priests speak out Against the homophobia of the Church   Fifty Italian priests launched an appeal ag...

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